Byll loves taking her friends on adventures and making them laugh. She enjoys being outdoors, breathing fresh air and making a plan to go somewhere. Her most favourite thing to do is something she's never done before. 


Beth loves to sing & make up songs on her guitar. She likes to dance and be silly, but she also enjoys the quiet so she can hear herself think and dream. She finishes everything she starts, and is a loyal & helpful friend.


Loves to come up with a plan and make it happen. She's often on a mission and encourages all her friends to join her on her adventures. She is happy taking the lead and making up the rules of the game. She always makes sure all her friends are included and having fun too. She has a big imagination and loves making up and telling stories. But her most favourite thing to do is settle in and listen to someone else's amazing story.

Enjoys playing outside in nature. He especially likes sitting in the garden and noticing all the different colours on the flowers, plants and trees around him. He loves to dress up in all kinds of costumes. He especially likes designing new outfits out of his parents’ old clothes. He also likes kicking the footy with his friends and getting dirty in the mud. At the end of each day you'll find him relaxing in a deep warm bath before bed.

Is speedy. He finds it hard to sit still because there's so many things he wants to do. He's fast at swimming, he's fast at running, and he rides his bike so fast. He loves to play with his friends, but he also quite enjoys playing on his own. When he does he likes to hum his favourite songs to himself and pretend to do the voices of his toys. In the morning he loves having big cuddles with his parents in their bed.


Sugar Glider
Is little. She is the smallest of her friends. She gets excited by just about anything and is happy joining in however she can. Sometimes she can't jump as high or run as fast, but that never worries her because one of her friends always offers a helping hand. One of her favourite things to do is play hide and seek, but she always laughs just before she is found and accidentally gives away her hiding place.